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Web Development

Web graphic designers create the visual elements of a web site. Quality web graphics designers are experienced in traditional design as well as digital media and web compression formats. Professional graphics designers can be invaluable to give your company's web site an unique polished look.

Required Experience

  • Logo design
  • Traditional media design
  • Web visual design
  • Vector image software
  • Raster image software
  • Web graphics production
Web Graphics Designer Tips
  • Many freelancers call themselves web designers because they know PhotoShop and Illustrator. Their is a big difference between being technically competent and being able to produce a quality site.
  • Look for your resource's resumes to include a background in print, multi-media and traditional design along with marketing psychology.
  • Look for graphics designers that have an eye for balancing good design with usability. Their are many freelancers and firms that produce eye catching sites, yet are not very usable from the end-users point of view.

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