BRP also in India!

Companies BRP d.o.o. and DimensionI (New Delhi, India) have signed a contract about long-term cooperation in April 2008. Cooperation is based on all fields of projecting, especially making architectural plans and designs, making BIM (Building Information Model) by Revit Structural and cooperation in range of GIS services and development.

BRP d.o.o. can now ensure beside knowledge also cadre potential for projecting large and exacting buildings from first draft to execution plans, making BIM as service or even processing and copying existing plans and designs. After an introduction of BIM modeler, uniformity of standards and way of doing things, BRP can ensure fast and effective controlling project changes, including making new quantity specifications.

Both companies are exchanging experience in range of GIS, where BRP has more experiences with restoration of new systems, and DimensionI is leading partner working on very large areas, like vectorisation of traffic network in Europe.

Cooperation BRP d.o.o. with DimensionI is a great progress towards future development and extending business for both companies. This collaboration indicates for BRP d.o.o. no more limits regarding size of orders and access to perspective markets and knowledge.

From now on BRP d.o.o. is present, beside Slovenia and Serbia, also in Asia.

If you have any question or just for further information about making 3D models with Revit modeler (making 3D architectural model or making 3D model and dimensioning construction and architectural adjustment) do not hesitate to contact us: or