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GIS Map Conversion Service in India
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GIS is used for mapping and analyzing things that exist and events that happen on earth. We offer GIS mapping services to go along with our CAD drafting services! We perform digitisation / data extraction & attachment to all types of maps (integrate common database operations such as query and statistical analysis with the visualization and geographic analysis benefits offered by maps) including cadastre maps, topographical data drawings, parcel tax mapping, road distribution network maps, under ground / over ground cables in power utility, cartography, DTM 20 x 20 grid, sewer drawings maps, building heights, planimetry, geological survey drawings, watershed maps, city maps.

We Process High-Resolution imagery into raster data products. We are involved with the removal of distortions in images (geo-rectification, ortho-rectification) and to ensure that the output has good clarity, resolution and colour. We geo-referece and prepare the specified output formats. A semless raster data products is produced from multiple image tiles.

GIS In Business

Many businesses are using GIS for target marketing, competitive analysis, demographic analysis, risk management, route planning, and expansion analysis.

Health Care
The health care industry is successfully using GIS for marketing and promotion, research and planning, facilities management, and finance.

Local, State, and Federal governments use GIS for economic development, legislative reform, voter registration and administration, zoning and land use controls, and emergency route management, just to name a few uses.

Organizations with delivery vehicles can use GIS for routing and scheduling, facilities management, vehicle tracking and dispatch, and warehouse operations.

GIS is being used in agricultural business for production analysis, precision farming, runoff and non-point source pollution control, regulatory compliance, and financial modeling.

Higher education and K-12 have used GIS for administration, school district remapping and student assignment, research, teaching, and community services.

Telecommunications companies have implemented GIS for target marketing, wireless engineering, customer support, outside plant engineering, construction management, and communication network routing and operation.

Gas & Electric
Gas and Electric companies use GIS for marketing, customer service, transmission and distribution system management, power generation and load management, meter reading, billing and collection, finance, operations, and engineering planning and design.

GIS is in use by the Petroleum Industry for retail, distribution, facilities management, and exploration.

Environmental Management
GIS is an integral part of environmental management today. GIS can be used for site remediation, natural resource management, waste management, water quality, groundwater modeling, and vegetation mapping.

Public Safety
GIS forms an integral part of the emergency response mechanisms in place in most large-scale E-911 installations. The GIS is used to assist in real-time emergency response, in addition to being used for planning the response to future man-made or natural disasters.

Building a pipeline may require GIS for risk management, market analysis, route planning and construction, and operation and maintenance once the pipeline has been put into service.

GIS has been emerging as a strong tool for many areas of forestry, from harvesting schedules to urban forestry.

Real Estate and GIS
Resources to finding out about the application of GIS in the real estate industry and market analysis.

Please visit our GIS services website for further details
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